I’m Josh, a game writer and narrative designer.

For over 10 years, I devoted my evenings and weekends to crafting multiple novels, short stories, and interactive story games while I worked by day as a systems engineer.

As a game developer, I combine my passion for storytelling with a broad technical skillset and a team-focused attitude to create memorable and moving player experiences.

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Portfolio Highlights

Title screen of Frog Story!, showing the characters Oran and Fern as frogs.

Frog Story!

Solo Developer

Frog Story! is an interactive fairy tale comedy with hand-drawn graphics. As Fern, the player sets off on an adventure to rescue Prince Oran, who has turned himself into a frog to get out of an arranged marriage. The game features dialogue choices, point-and-click interaction, and object-dodging minigames.

Developed in 2 weeks using Unity, ink (the scripting language), ink (from a pen), some colored pencils, and a notebook.

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Poseidon's Orb cover image, featuring the player character, Charlotte, posing in front of a coral reef.

Poseidon’s Orb

Writer / Programmer

Poseidon’s Orb is a visual novel about a singer who is transformed into a merperson and tasked with stealing a valuable artifact from an undersea kingdom. As Charlotte, the player chooses whether to develop friendships, pursue romance, or betray the people of Aquatris and turn Poseidon’s Orb over to an evil sea witch.

Developed in Ren’Py over 9 weeks by a team of 15.

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Subject 26 cover image, featuring pixel art of the player character, Zele, and a computer terminal.

Subject #26

Solo Developer

Subject #26 is a top-down adventure game about a young woman trapped in an undersea medical research laboratory. As Zele, the player explores the facility and interacts with objects, progressing the story through dialogue with her A.I. “Mother” and a mysterious stranger named Finn.

Developed in 2 weeks using PICO-8.

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Cover image for short script Uncharted Fantasy XIII-5: A Bear's Greed. Features portraits of Nathan Drake, Lightning, and Moneybags.

Uncharted Fantasy XIII-5:
A Bear’s Greed

Three characters from disparate game franchises meet in an elevator. Can Nathan Drake and Lightning outwit Moneybags to reach a valuable archive?

The purpose of this writing exercise was to develop a dramatic situation using dialogue while staying true to the voices of established characters.

NOTE: This noncommercial piece contains characters that were created by others and should be considered a work of fan fiction.

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