Game Documents

Cover image for the game Poseidon's Orb, featuring the main character and title.

Poseidon’s Orb script excerpts

Selected scenes I wrote for this visual novel, including character development and lore.

Subject 26 Cover

Subject #26 design document

Includes story, map, and data design, as well as the full game text.

Redbud Falls script excerpts

Selected narration and dialogue from the game, with Ink markup removed.


Uncharted Fantasy XIII-5: A Bear’s Greed

Adventure – 5 pages

A writing exercise in which three characters from existing game franchises are stuck in an elevator. Can Nathan Drake and Lightning outwit Moneybags to reach a valuable archive?

Virtual Realty

Romantic comedy – 5 pages

Two apartment hunters meet during a virtual tour. Though they spar at first, the perfect place might just bring them together.

Smoke and ‘Shine

Crime caper – 5 pages

A thief and a moonshiner work together to outwit the local sheriff.

Short Fiction


Murray’s Mansion

Mystery – 2000 words

An architect hired to finish renovating a mansion discovers a secret hidden by its recently deceased owner.

yellow lab

Sinister Pedigree

Ghost story – 2500 words

Aided by a canine apparition, a young veterinarian discovers a plot to falsify the lineage of a champion show dog.

woman in snow

Style Points

Romantic comedy – 1500 words

A couple meet while playing an augmented reality game.


Separate Ways

Separate Ways

Amazon: paperback | Kindle
Smashwords: epub
Preview (first 5 chapters): pdf

Ten years ago, Chloe Sullivan was devastated when her husband David vanished without a trace. When David suddenly reappears, Chloe finds herself longing for his love once more while questioning whether his absence led to the opportunity of a lifetime: debuting her art in an upscale Manhattan gallery. Now, Chloe must work to fulfill her dream while dealing with chaotic professional obligations, her jealous boyfriend, and David’s strange memories of a world in which she was the one who disappeared.