Joshua S. Robinson

I’m an experienced software systems engineer and writer looking to pivot my technical and creative skills into video game design and development.

I started playing video games at an early age, initiated by Atari 2600 classics like Pitfall and River Raid. I was fascinated by both the hardware and the software that brought these experiences to life, and this led me to pursue degrees in computer and electrical engineering at West Virginia University.

As a systems engineer, I primarily worked in contracting and frequently moved into different roles and projects. From UAV flight line procedures to proposal writing to microservice-based software architectures, I learned a variety of skills and domain knowledge that allowed me to become an adaptable and effective problem solver.

Video games also spurred my interest in storytelling. Games like Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger inspired me to jot down concepts and ideas for characters, worlds, and quests. Later, this led me to creative writing and a self-published novel.

I’ve dabbled in game development since first learning to code, and now look to leverage both my passion and experience to pursue it professionally. I’m particularly interested in creating compelling narrative-driven experiences.